Welcome to Transition Strathclyde! Where are my manners introductions are needed, I am Chris and along with my colleague Shona we complete the team for what is Transition Strathclyde for the next few months. We are currently in our very infancy and have been funded by the Climate Challenge Fund to run a 4 month scoping project to understand our current carbon footprint and then develop well suited evironmental projects to run long term at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Transition Strathclyde is a community based environmental project. In our first few months we are researching the “lifestyle” carbon footprint of staff and students at the university – this is the impact associated with each individual’s behaviour and lifestyle choices rather than emissions associated with the university’s buildings and services. The areas we are focussing on are transport, waste, home energy and food.

The information we collect in this research will then be used to develop brand new carbon cutting projects in time to roll out for the new academic year in September 2013. We want the Strathclyde community to be at the heart of these projects and so we are running a series of engagement evets in order to gather opinions and ideas on what shape these project should take within our varied and dyamic community.

Both Shona and I have worked on other higher education transition projects and in the past and hope to bring this exciting and worthwhile initiative to Strathclyde on a more permaent basis! Watch this space.

If you would like to get involved or for more information drop us a line at .

Thanks folks

Chris & Shona
Transition Strathclyde


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